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Whole Unit Repair/Refurbishment

PES offers complete repair/refurbishment on computer systems, electronic assemblies, and mechanical assemblies. Refurbishment services can significantly extend the life of machines while helping to save costs when compared to replacing with new units. A quality refurbishment process requires experienced technicians as well as detailed procedures to ensure consistent output. A typical refurbishment goes through the following phases:

Repair & Refurbishment Services


A repair/refurbishment contract normally begins with a full evaluation of the condition of the unit to be repaired. Volume repairs require a longer evaluation process to determine the overall scope of the repair. We will provide a full write-up including a fixed price per unit quotation and a statement of work to be completed.

Inspection and Disassembly

Once the unit is shipped to our location for evaluation, our technicians will inspect the unit to ensure it is repairable. Once the unit has been deemed repairable, our technicians begin the disassembling and cleaning process.

Replace Damaged Components

Our technicians will discard and replace any components that fail to meet specifications or are causing a problem. As data is collected and analyzed, procedures are revisited to include the preemptive replacement of high-mortality parts.

Testing and Rebuild

Once repairs are completed the unit is tested and reassembled. The unit is then transferred to PES's quality assurance department where an acceptance test is performed to assure the unit is operational. Units that pass inspection are prepared and packaged for shipment. A new barcode is also affixed to the new product which includes information relating to past repairs and warranty information.

A fee for the evaluation process will be provided based upon industry standard rates for: unskilled labor, entry level technicians, senior technicians, engineering, and administrative costs. At that time per unit pricing will be determined and total procedure costs are provided to the customer for review.

Services Offered Include:

* Adding RAM Memory
* System Code Upgrades
* Installing Patches
* Installing Print Controllers
* OS Updates



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