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Test Fixture Design

A successful test system hinges upon a reliable test fixture. Test fixtures are the interface between the product under test, test instrumentation, and the test operator. PES offers quick, cost effective test fixture design and supports analog, digital, and high-speed integrated circuitry devices and an array of other applications. Costs for test fixture design are based upon standard labor rates for engineer's time to design, draw, and document the fixture, as well as the technician's labor time to build the actual test fixture.

test fixture design

Our expert technicians will: build and setup the test fixture once a design has been approved, run the appropriate tests in the controlled environment, and verify that the expected outcome has been obtained. Whether your requirements are basic or advanced, PES can provide you with a test fixture to functionally test your board or system. If test procedures have not been written, we will help to define and document such procedures. Additionally, NPD will train the appropriate personnel either on-site or at your location.

Key Features of PES Test Fixture Design

* Repeatable /easy to use by any operator
* Computer-based automated test simulation and instrumentation through the use of National Instruments (LabView)
* Programmable rack and bench-top instruments
* Bed of nails PCB test fixtures
* Custom electronics when required
* Firmware download
* Automated tester malfunction detection
* Programmable Logic Devices (PLD's)



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