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PCB Board Layout

PES offers state-of-the-art, reliable PCB layout services for digital and analog circuits to accommodate the enormous challenges in producing a glitch free PCB that meets the engineering characteristics demanded by an ever evolving technological industry. Our engineers focus on maintaining signal integrity by reducing the board noise due to power plane distribution, terminating signal lines to reduce reflection, minimizing cross talk and ringing, lessening the effects of ground bounce, and meeting the matching impedance characteristics. Any design trade-offs will be reviewed and evaluated to avoid issues of deterioration or design integrity. We will work closely with your material planners to evaluate component availability and provide recommendations on new materials or components.

PES will develop the schematics for the different sections of the PCB and produce circuit blueprints that can be provided to your internal development department or contract manufacturer. Schematics will include GERBER files, assembly drawings with all component parts clearly identified, all pins numbered and identified, grounds and powers will be identified and clearly separated, power connectors will be connected to the appropriate source, polarized capacitors will be clearly indicated, and special traces for high current, high frequency, or differential traces will be identified and marked. Schematics will also include the placement and size of mounting of components and connectors, critical component locations including height or heat sink requirements, restricted areas, mounting points, and power holes. We will provide a bill of materials including reference information, manufacturer, part numbers, and any specific instructions or requirements.

Design Software Supported (PCB Design)
* Multi-Sym
* PCExpress
* Cadence/OrCAD

Design Software Supported (Mechanical)
* Cadence/OrCAD



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