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Parts manufacturing is controlled by specification requirements covering a variety of areas such as: raw materials, process controls, electrical or electromechanical performance characteristics, and periodic inspections of some characteristics of finished product. Despite these requirements, defects that cause early-life failures can be randomly built into a product. Screening tests are designed to be destructive to parts with particular defects but nondestructive to good parts.

As an example, integrated circuits such as CMOS are highly susceptible to electrical performance failures caused by ionic contamination on the die surface. The contamination can be introduced by any of several uncontrollable avenues during manufacture and cannot be ruled out as an occurrence in any given lot of parts. To avoid early-life failures at higher assembly levels, the lot of parts is subjected to a 100% static burn-in. The burn-in is designed to drive contamination into the die areas where it will interfere with proper circuit operation and cause electrical failures before parts are installed on boards.

PES's product screening services provide a 100% non-destructive screening test on parts that will be used in a manufacturing or repair process. This service allows manufacturers to feel confident in their critical part usage minimizing the likelihood of early-life failures (generally referred to as infant mortality).



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