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Functional Testing


The following are two areas of functional testing:

1.  Functional Testing - Pre and post repair
Functional testing should be present both before and after the repair to identify problems with the unit. Tests are conducted to ensure that the repaired item physically works the way it was intended and that all required menu options are present and operational. It also ensures that the item conforms to the industry standards relevant to that environment. In other words, during repairs on imaging product such as copiers all printed circuit boards are placed back in their operating environment and all functionality is exercised to ensure the success of the repair.

Functional Testing

2.  Functional Testing - As applied to hardware or software testing for a manufacturer.

An effective test cycle must have a defined set of processes and deliverables. The primary processes and deliverables required for the functional test are: Test Planning, Partitioning/ Functional Decomposition, Requirements Definition/ Verification, Test Case Design, Traceability (Traceability Matrix), Test Case Execution, Defect Management, and Coverage Analysis. Which processes and deliverables apply to any given testing situation are dependent on available resources (people, source materials, time, etc.), the mandate of the test organization, and customer requirements.

During planning the test lead, with assistance from the test team, identifies test equipment needed, scheduling, parts allocation, and other test deliverables. The test lead delivers a test plan (document) and a test schedule (work plan). As may be necessary due to revisions or more strict requirements, these often undergo several revisions during the testing cycle.

PES offers services consistent with both forms of functional testing. For items repaired at PES functional tests are completed to ensure full operability before shipping back to the customer. During the post manufacturing phase, many companies outsource their functional testing needs to PES to validate the functionality of the designed product. PES utilizes the above practices and sound engineering methodologies for functional testing to ensure operational success for the manufacturer.



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