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Environmental/Thermal Testing


Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) is a type of testing conducted through the use of safety equipment called the environmental chamber. The customary use for environmental chambers is to test the thresholds of component parts or full systems. To accommodate various applications, these units come in various shapes, sizes and types. The most common type of environmental chamber is for thermal testing where the part or system is subjected to extremes of both high and low temperatures and humidity fluctuations to determine the effects. Vibration analysis, moisture absorption and stress testing are also common functions of environmental chambers. Many industries have their own specific tests for these functions, such as repetitive motion to test the durability of an item.

Environmental Testing

Most environmental chambers are designed as stand-alone units, but they can also be tied together with other systems, such as an alarm monitoring system. The three most common sizes of environmental chambers are bench-top, reach-in, and walk-in units. Bench-top units are designed for very small items, reach-in environmental chambers accessible only via the openings, and walk-in units are suitable for the largest items being tested.

PES's Environmental chamber is very accurate, measuring as precisely as 1/10 of a degree for example. The chamber is designed so that extreme fluctuations are possible, in order to put the maximum stresses on the product being tested. In addition to measuring temperature, PES's environmental chamber uses meters and readouts for time, date, humidity, pressure, etc. PES works in conjunction with an environmental testing lab thereby allowing us to offer additional environmental testing outside the scope of available services.

Environmental chambers controlled by programmable logic controllers (PLC's) could obviously change the rules, since they make nearly any testing environment possible without the use of an operator. PLC-driven environmental chambers also make it possible to link multiple systems together in those instances where timing gets tricky.



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