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ECO/ECN & Modification Rework

In a typical system development cycle, the specification or the implementation is likely to change during engineering development, system integration, or quite possibly even after the product has been sold and released to the end user. These last-minute design changes are commonly referred to as Engineering Change Orders (ECO's) or Engineering Change Notices (ECN's) and affect the functionality of a design after it has been wholly or partially completed. ECO's can compensate for design errors found during debug or changes that are made to the design specification to compensate for design problems in other areas of the system design.

Component Level Testing

PES's rework services are among the best in the industry. All rework is warranted for a minimum of 90 days from the time of shipment. The scope of the testing to be performed after an ECO will be determined by the customer. In most cases testing is not required after performing the ECO requirement.

Modifications are subject to an additional fee due to the re-work and testing time involved. These fees may vary depending upon how the modification parts are supplied, how much re-work is required, and how much testing is necessary. PES technicians can perform upgrades and modifications on low and high speed applications as well as multi-level PCB's provided necessary documentation is available.

All boards must be evaluated to be fully functional prior to applying the modification to ensure that no modification parts are used on what could ultimately be an un-repairable board. The only exception to this rule would be a case where the failure observed is known to be corrected by the proposed modification. Technicians will replace components, apply wiring modifications, and install the latest firmware updates. After modification, all boards are re-tested to verify complete functionality.

Upgrades and modifications fall into two major categories: customer specified board revisions and preemptive component replacement due to noticed failure trends. PES technicians document all failures when repairing or modifying a PCB, and over time can provide detailed statistics showing probable failure rates of high-mortality components. In both cases, pertinent information, specifications, and schematics should be provided whenever possible to reduce wasted time.



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