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Component Level PCB Repair

Board level repair is work that is performed on printed circuit boards (PCB's) and the components that comprise the design of the PCB. Parts on these boards can include the repair and/or rework of components such as capacitors, resistors, transistors, and integrated circuits. PES's expertise for board-level repair of electronics and electro-mechanical assemblies range from imaging industry equipment (copiers, printers, and faxes) to LCD's, test equipment, portable music devices, power supplies, and other electronic devices. PES utilizes a number of different methodologies to test and troubleshoot inoperable electronics such as fabrication of circuit boards, specialized test equipment and test fixture design to identify component-level problems that can be difficult to identify otherwise.

Component Level PCB Repair

Every day, PES's skilled technicians and Engineers work on boards based on the world's most advanced computing architectures, performing repairs at the component level, including replacement of delicate BGA and fine pitch devices. Not only does this improve repair yields and reduce service costs for OEMs, it also enables the service life of legacy products to be significantly extended. PES's extensive background in technologies enables us to rapidly screen, diagnose and repair boards originally designed and built by others, because we understand how these architectures work.

When cores come in for repair, they first pass through a visual inspection. Cores are then inspected, matched to receiving reports, and recorded in PES's inventory. Any core showing signs of extensive physical damage are classified as non-repairable (visual). Cores will then pass through a secondary inspection where they are tested by a technician and classified as either a repairable board or as no trouble found (NTF). Repairs are then attempted on all viable cores. If the technician is unable to repair the core, it will be classified as non-repairable (after repair attempt). PES will notify the customer of non-repairable cores within 10 days of the receipt of the shipment.

Repairable Board

The board exhibits defects in operation and needs to be evaluated further for repairs required to restore operation, or needs to be updated to the latest version. The board is tested based upon approved testing processes and procedures. Repair data is recorded into the PES system for inventory tracking and reporting. Repaired units then pass through a final quality control inspection and are then packaged and prepared for shipment.

No Trouble Found (NTF)/ No Fault Found (NFF)

The board exhibits no defects in operations and can be used as-is without further repair. The status of the board is recorded into the PES system as NTF for future review and reporting. NTF units pass through a final quality control inspection and are then packaged and prepared for shipment.

Non-Repairable (Visual)

The board has visible signs of damage beyond the likelihood of making a reasonable repair. Reasons for failure of visual inspections include, but are not limited to: burns, cracks, corrosion, missing essential components, or otherwise physically damaged. The board status is recorded as non-repairable (visual) and recorded into the PES system for further review and reporting. The board is scrapped from inventory.

Non-Repairable (After Repair Attempt)

Boards that are put through the repair process that exhibit intermittent symptoms or unreliable operation will be designated as non-repairable. The board status is recorded as non-repairable (after repair attempt) and recorded into the PES system for further review and reporting. The board is scrapped from inventory and a nominal fee will be applied to cover the technician's labor.

PES's board repair capabilities include:

Our expert technicians will: build and setup the test fixture once a design has been approved, run the appropriate tests in the controlled environment, and verify that the expected outcome has been obtained. Whether your requirements are basic or advanced, PES can provide you with a test fixture to functionally test your board or system. If test procedures have not been written, we will help to define and document such procedures. Additionally, NPD will train the appropriate personnel either on-site or at your location.

Key Features of PES Test Fixture Design

* Repeatable /easy to use by any operator
* Computer-based automated test simulation and instrumentation through the use of National Instruments (LabView)
* Programmable rack and bench-top instruments
* Bed of nails PCB test fixtures
* Custom electronics when required
* Firmware download
* Automated tester malfunction detection
* Programmable Logic Devices (PLD's)



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