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Burn-in Testing


Burn-in testing, an alternative to Environmental Stress Screening (ESS), is widely used as an aid in producing failure-free electronic components. When scientifically planned and conducted, burn-in-testing offers one of the most effective methods of reliability screening at the component level. By testing individual elements under constant temperature stress, electrical stress, temperature cycling stress, or a combined thermal-electrical stress, burn-in testing can identify discrete faults that may be harder to perceive at the assembly, module, or system level. PES will burn-in test or load test critical repair items depending on the need. For example, sometimes ECN's/ECO's require a fully loaded 100 hour burn-in test will be performed to ensure the successful repair of the item.

Burn-in Test, Stress Testing Software

Another reason for conducting burn-in tests is when alternate parts are being qualified for use in place of an original part due to obsolescence issues or extended lead times. If the life cycle of the product warrants, the manufacturer may want to qualify additional parts to the design as a second source part in the event of sourcing issues. Burn-in tests are also used to qualify alternate parts used in the repair of a unit due to increased costs for the original part. In such cases PES locates, sources, tests and qualifies the part for the manufacturer utilizing standard engineering practices and methodologies approved by the manufacturer.



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