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Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics are all activities associated with a product/service after the point of sale. This involves the planning and directing of returned goods to the appropriate channels in order to obtain the most value. Reverse logistics is an increasingly complex component of supply chain management. Companies that can successfully optimize the flow of return goods have the potential for saving both capital and environmental resources. The emphasis of reverse logistics is on recapturing value through redistribution, cannibalization, or recycling, rather than safe disposal.

Reverse Logistics Services

PES's reverse logistics programs can help to reduce the overall costs of returns management, turning this process into a competitive advantage. The vertical integration of our technical department allows us more options to liquidate goods as we can repair units or recover key components to maximize value. PES has the capacity to handle the collection, transportation, redistribution and disposal of returned, unwanted, damaged, or surplus goods. Whenever possible, PES looks to reuse, resale, repair, or refurbish goods rather than to liquidate or dispose of these products.



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