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MPS is the fastest growing segment of the printing industry, estimated to exceed $30 billion (USD) globally in 2010 and reach nearly $60 billion in 2013. By leveraging financing and integrating service, supplies, and software support, companies offering MPS are helping their partners to significantly reduce their overall budget by better managing printing throughout their customer's organization. In addition to cost savings, MPS partners benefit from just-in-time delivery of supplies and consumables as well as service contracts to reduce downtime. As print the industry moves toward the MPS model, it is important to realize that this is not a new revenue stream generated in a mature market. Customers are currently purchasing all of these same products and services without the consulting arrangement.

Hp Fuser, Fuser Rebuild, Fuser Repair

In contrast to unmanaged print solutions which focus on higher volumes of consumables, supplies, spare parts, and service calls to increase profits, MPS inherently supports a greener print environment by deriving profitability from cost and waste reductions throughout the process. NPD's fuser film sleeves optimized for MPS will help to lower your overall cost per copy by reducing costs related to service calls and the lengthening the replacement cycle of consumable products.

National Parts Depot is proud to offer the first fuser film sleeves optimized for MPS. The optimized sleeves provide superior heat conduction and longer life cycles which in turn help to reduce the cost of consumables and the number of services calls leading to an improved bottom line. According to Executive Vice President Barry Gordon, "Our LJ 4250/4300/4350 sleeves have been tested both internally and by outside, independent laboratories to validate the extended yields as compared with the OEM sleeve." The LJ 4250/4300/4350 metal core sleeve is the first of many extended life products offered by NPD specifically designed for businesses offering Managed Print Solutions.



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