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Fuser Maintenance Kits

The most integral component of a laser printer is the fuser or fusing unit. After media first passes through the imaging unit and transfer belt, the print media reaches the fuser where heat and pressure are used to bond the toner particles to the media. Within the fuser a heater element is suspended with grease inside a fuser film sleeve which uses infrared energy to uniformly heat the film sleeve surface in order to cause the plastic toner to melt and bond to the media. Due to the amount of heat, large number of moving parts, and print volume, fusers requires replacement at regularly scheduled maintenance intervals, when units no longer function, or when error/service codes indicate replacement is necessary. Besides the fuser, maintenance kits also include parts that have predictable wear characteristics including pick-up rollers, feed rollers, transfer rollers, and separation pads. These parts should be replaced during routine maintenance to maintain print quality as well as reduce the number of service calls.

NPD offers several different options for fusers and maintenance kits including new OEM, outright purchase, exchange, and refurbished units. NPD is also proud to offer fuser rebuilding/remanufacturing services through our Product Engineering and Services Division (PES) . If you require a superior quality fuser rebuild, contact our sales department in order to determine pricing, viability, and lead times.

In addition to new OEM, outright purchase, exchange, and refurbished units, NPD also remarkets service parts at savings of up to 40% as compared to new OEM pricing. These "channel returns" include new products in non-OEM packaging as well as units pulled from working machines deemed to be in Grade "A" condition. Contact our sales department at 800-524-8338 or email us at Sales@NationalParts.com for a current list of channel returns as pricing and availability can change on a daily basis.



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