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Fuser Film Sleeves

Fuser film sleeves are one of the most integral parts of a laser printer's fuser and the process of "fusing" or bonding toner to printable media. Sleeves vary in length, width, diameter, base and coating materials depending upon the model's specifications. The film sleeve is a hollow tube consisting of a polyimide or metal base and a coating material; a heater element is suspended within the sleeve and lubricated with grease to provide the necessary heat to bond the toner to the media. Operating temperatures differ widely from model to model depending upon the speed of the machine, fuser film material, and unique heater element. Due to the high temperature application, thermal properties of materials, and tight OEM tolerances, many aftermarket products are subject to premature failure or poor performance on non-standard or thicker media types.

There are over 20 inherent properties of fuser film sleeves relevant to specific gravity, temperature index, melting point, tensile strength, dielectric strength, film thickness, coating thickness, and others directly affect performance. Failure to strictly adhere to the OEM manufacturing and material standards will cause the sleeve to crinkle, crease, tear, melt, or otherwise prematurely fail. A recent study has shown that the thickness of both base and coating materials for aftermarket sleeves can vary up to 20% versus OEM.

Over the past 15 years, the fuser film sleeve market has become flooded with low cost, inferior quality products produced by Chinese manufacturers, but our commitment to availability, customer satisfaction, and quality has never wavered. National Parts Depot was one of the first companies to offer replacement fuser film sleeves in the mid 1990's. All of our sleeves are manufactured in Europe using a 100% internally controlled production of both our polyimide base material and metal cores. In addition, sleeves are inspected and rigorously tested to ensure their performance on all types of media and operating conditions. Our aim is to provide the widest selection of OEM quality products at a reasonable cost.


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