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Formatter Boards

Formatter boards are printed circuit boards within a multi-function unit that process information and route it to the appropriate component within the printer. A failing formatter board usually results in the complete loss of functionality of the printer. NPD is proud to offer refurbished formatter boards for the problematic HP LJ-2015 and LJ-P3005 models. Due to a manufacturing flaw, the formatter boards for both the LJ-2015 and LJ-P3005 have been subject to premature failures due to unstable cold solder joints and defective chip sets. Our Product Engineering & Services division (PES) replaces chip sets with historic failures to the newest revisions as well as re-flowing all solder joints on the board resulting in a 99% repairable yield. All boards are then subjected to a 24 hour burn-in and tested to ensure proper functionality. In addition to outright purchases, we offer exchange and repair and return services as well.



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