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Feed Pick-Up Roller

Paper feed/pickup rollers are responsible for directing the printable media from the paper tray to the image formation system. These rollers should be replaced at regularly scheduled maintenance intervals and should always be replaced in pairs, each tray requires two rollers, one inside the tray and one inside the printer. Worn feed/pick-up rollers are the primary cause for paper jams, grunting, and noisy printing. Optional paper trays usually require different feed/pick-up rollers than the internal paper tray; see our fitment chart or contact your salesperson if you are unsure what roller(s) you require.

All feed/pick-up rollers are not created equally; even the most minor changes to the design or materials can result in premature failures. NPD is proud to offer the highest quality OEM clone rollers available in the world today. Our engineers design molds to be within a tolerance of no more than 0.1% as compare to OEM specifications. We use the highest quality rubbers and plastics, paying particular attention to the rubber grain and hub to ensure OEM fitment and performance. Feed/pick-up rollers are available in bulk packaging and we offer volume discounts.


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