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The developer plays a vital role in the image reproduction process of a copier. During development, the electrostatic latent image is made visible to the eye on the photoconductive drum. Developer material consisting of positively charged carriers and the negatively charged toner particles is supplied to the photoconductive drum surface by a magnetic roller. The toner in the developer material adheres to the drum surface area where the potential is lower than the developer bias which is applied to the magnetic roller. This latent image is then shifts from the drum to the transfer belt where the image is attached to the print media.

Our skilled technicians carefully remove the developer and inspect for any signs of damage as well as replacing high mortality parts and sensors. If the unit is determined to be in "like new" condition, it is repackaged and prepared for shipping.

NPD proudly offers custom rebuild programs for developers through our Product Engineering & Services Division (PES) as an alternative to the high costs of new OEM replacement. Our developer units are refurbished through a process driven environment to ensure a consistent, reliable rebuild and units are guaranteed to perform exactly as a new OEM unit. If you require a superior quality remanufactured developer unit, contact our sales department at 800-524-8338 or email us at to determine pricing, viability, and lead times.



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