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Component Level Repair

NPD offers component level repair of PCB's through our Product Engineering & Services Division (PES). NPD's expertise for board-level repair of electronics and electro-mechanical assemblies range from imaging industry equipment (copiers, printers, and faxes) to LCD's, test equipment, portable music devices, power supplies, and other electronic devices. The vertical integration of our repair and sales departments allows us to respond quickly to market demands caused by poor design, manufacturing, or components causing premature failure. NPD's extensive background in technologies enables us to rapidly screen, diagnose and repair boards originally designed and built by others, because we understand how these architectures work.

Every day, NPD's skilled technicians and engineers work on boards based on the world's most advanced computing architectures, performing repairs at the component level, including replacement of delicate Ball Grid Array (BGA) and fine pitch devices. Our technicians will quickly diagnose the cause of failure, repair and/or rework components such as capacitors, resistors, transistors, and integrated circuits, and test the PCB to ensure functionality.



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